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In The Beginning
Artist: From Beginning To End
Label: Wounded Records
Time: 11 Tracks 43:45

From Beginning To End is a very fascinating band. They are a uniquely combined blend of metal, scream-o, electronica, and rock that somehow all fuses together to form a memorable listen. 

“Rain Down” and “Pour Out” sound like something from Kids in the Way or System of A Down, with a lot of screaming and blazing guitars. 

“Guaranteed” begins with a drum machine/synthesizer loop that calls to mind The Postal Service or some of the songs on MuteMath’s debut album. 

“Tears Revisited” begins with a guitar solo that would sound at home on any Foo Fighters album, and then segues into a screamed verse followed by a sung chorus. 

Then there is the title track, which is a piano ballad that is exclusively instrumental. That’s right, no vocals at all. It is a simply orchestrated two-and-a-half minute song that will have listeners believing they've just popped in the new Jim Brickman CD. 

“The Elevation” sounds like a long lost Radiohead song from The Bends era. A softly, punctuated piano solo gets boosted by some drums, and then an all out crunchy guitar riff, as lead singer Dale Vaughn growls “Please don’t let me go!” This is a song that should be on people’s list of best rock songs of 2007 at years end. 

“Better Than Before/Here Today/Gone Tomorrow” sounds like a Jimmy Eat World song built around a repeated guitar riff that is aided by some very loud drums. 

“Free” is the song that probably finds this best giving their best System of a Down impression. It is an all out metal song from start to finish. Everything from metal like guitar and drum work, to the screaming vocals, make this song one that would sound at home on MTV2’s “Headbangers Ball.” 

There will be something for any fan of modern rock and roll here. These guys are talented musicians, and are definitely a band to keep an eye on for years to come. 

James Morovich
4 Tocks



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