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Natural High
Artist: Dimitri
Label: Alythkya / Integrity
The Scissor Sisters and Maroon 5 have tapped into a rich-veined seventies sound and left the door wide open for others to come along and join the retro party.
Dimitri (who also goes by the name of Jimmy K) takes up that offer with the sort of soulful adult funk specialized in by bands such as The Crusaders, Average White Band and Ace.
Some of the keyboard washes are rooted in that decade, while the Jazzy piano breaks and sax solos are classic in style. There are even hints of Mark Knopfler to increase its appeal.
"Whistle and Flute" is a big, warm hug of an opener,  "Get Yourself Together" is simply hypnotic and the whole disc runs on a foot-pumping groove that never lets up.
With a fresh approach to lyric-writing that eschews  CCM clichés, this classy feel-good music is beautifully put together and ideal for driving to.
Derek Walker



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