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Dave Beegle:Acoustic Mayhem—Live at the Rialto Featuring The Dave Beegle Acoustic Band
Artist: Dave Beegle
DVD/CD dual disc project.
Label: Avant-Acoustic Records

There are many twists and turns to Dave Beegle's career. First brought to national attention as lead guitar in the instrumental prog rock trio Fourth Estate, he quickly joined the ranks of guitar "gods" Jimmy Page, Brian May and Tom Scholtz. Inventive and disciplined, Fourth Estate albums had to emphatically state on the liner notes that no dubs, overlays or loops were employed in the making of those projects. That was just Dave Beegle and his electric guitars with the paint worn off through incessant practice creating that amazing music. 

Hailing from Colorado, Fourth Estate traveled the world amazing fans, ignored by radio and distribution channels. As a band of Christians, extended missionary/goodwill stays in Eastern Europe profoundly inspired Fourth Estate's sound. Living on the northern edge of Colorado's Silicon Valley, the opportunity to become spokesman for the Trans-Performace Guitar, a self-tuning electric guitar system, further stretched Beegle's repertory as he showcased the fantasy instrument that allows performers over and over to change tunings in mid-riff. 

Where is he now? The virtuoso is where he has always been, alive and living well in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Nothing and everything has changed, as evidenced by Dave Beegle: Acoustic Mayhem, a live concert DVD and CD project that functions as a newsletter for long-time fans and a jaw-dropping, comprehensive introduction to a master guitarist for anyone who respects musicians with chops. 

Featuring a world music/progressive acoustic rock amalgam of original tunes, cuts from his recent acoustic discs and acoustic takes on Fourth Estate favorites, the DVD was taped over the course of a three-performance weekend in a renovated movie theater before a rapt, knowledgeable audience. The beautifully dressed stage features the artwork of Dave's wife, Sandy Beegle, who also contributes palmas skills to some of the Spanish numbers. The camera work is first-rate, the sound perfect. 

Rather than depending upon fickle audiences and the grind of touring, Beegle is an advocate for professional musicians making their living teaching musical skills to others and developing local venues. The 45-minute video lesson on the CD of his signature song, "Joy," based upon J.S. Bach's "Ode to Joy," makes it clear why he can do this as he patiently and thoroughly explains each note and technique and the exercises to practice in order to make "Joy" your own. Teaching the backup parts, he emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with great musicians. The extra sound-check footage backs up his statement by generously displaying the skills of his ensemble, Michael Olson (bass), Christian Teele (percussion), Matt Henderson (drums), Eric Meyer (percussion), Keith Rosenhagen (guitar), and Aaron Lee (guitar). Those are five creative artists whose work Beegle's fans will no doubt wish to pursue. 

Dave Beegle is part of an original music scene that stretches the length of the Colorado Rocky Mountains eastern flank whose values emphasize artistic development and generosity over mass-success. Before the major taste-makers discover the region, which surely they someday will, the local tourist industry is benefiting because, as this DVD proves, the opportunity to hear Dave Beegle live is worth the trip.  

Song list:
Breaking Through the Clouds
Big Fish Rumba
All The King's Men
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Amazing Grace From Mercy/Joy
Something Shared
Sandy's Painting
Bulerias De Rene
Big Rhythm
Canopy of Dreams
Kara Kum

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