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Artist: Crunchy
Label: GasFist
Length: 15 tracks / 55:04 min 

Since the Houston-area rock act Galactic Cowboys broke up around 2000, former bassist and sometimes-vocalist Monty
Colvin has released three albums under the name Crunchy (with alternating musicians). The first, All Day Sucker, showed
much promise while Clown School Dropout was less ambitious.

Colvin, a long-time fan favorite of the Christian HM magazine, has reached a whole new level with _Loserville_. It has the sonic complexity of songs like “Rabbit” from the first album! , is far heavier than either of the first two, and remains pure fun throughout.

As always, Crunchy’s lyrical inspiration is the unpopular high-school student. This is typified in “Call It a Crush”:

Another lonely night in Loserville
Fetal position on the couch
Thinking about you makes my face break out
And fills my mind with doubt
You’ll never know that it hurts me so much
But I guess that’s why they call it a crush
It breaks me down and hurts so much
But I guess that’s why they call it a crush

Another highlight is "Love Inc.," a lyrical sequel to the first album’s “Love (Comin’ Out of Our Ears),” which brilliantly
alternates between pop vocal harmonies and industrial distortion with computer bass voices flatly pronouncing “Incorporated.”

“Down” rocks the house with rumbling bass, an infectious groove, Monty singing “Bringing me down, d-d-d-d-down, down, bringing me down” and a backgroun! d dialog reminiscent of Metallica’s “One” video.

This is n’t just an album for old Galactic Cowboys’ fans. Loserville has the potential to catapult Colvin back into the spotlight.

Dan Singleton 
September 19, 2007 


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