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If I'm Happy It Ends 
Artist: Eddie Cohn
Label: Independent
Length: 11/41:52

An interesting meld of influences pops up on If I'm Happy It Ends, the debut CD from Eddie Cohn.   (If the name seems familiar, his uncle is Marc "Walking in Memphis" Cohn).  It is almost as if '70's meets '90's here, especially on the track "All the Way With You," which blends Jim Morrison with Glen Phillips vocally, set to a Soul Asylum-like soundtrack. 

At other times, such as on "Away From Here," a rawer, almost punk vocal emerges, like a harder edged Elliott Smith, or a sober Ryan Adams.   "Hair of Gold" stays in the '90's, and "Passed Out at the Door" could be an anti-drug or anti-war song the lyrics work for either vieww.  The title track, "If I'm Happy It Ends," is a fight about self-fulfilling prophecy and an impending sense of having it all come crashing down.   This is a moody record, ranging from love, lust, regret, and fear in other words, something for everyoone.  A lot of good raw material here that could use a bit more work, but in all a strong beginning for Cohn. 

Brian A. Smith
April 1, 2007



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