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Artist: CO3   
Label: Flagship Records
Length: 11 tracks/ 39:37
OK, these guys seem to have it all. An undeniable country/pop crossover sound, stellar songwriting, crystal clean harmonies, good looks,  and an unabashed love for the Lord. Even ties to American Idol winner and Country Music star, Carrie Underwood. How could CO3 possibly miss? Time will tell, but suffice it to say, their debut, Determined, is a stellar starting point. 

CO3 (Colossians 3) is Chad Little and Dave Romero. The pair mix acoustic and electric instrumentation with carefully crafted songs that bring hope, encouragement, faith and fun.

The opening trio of "Godspeed," "Good News" and the first single, "Dreamer," comes at you firing great guns of southern fried rock blended with Country Top 40 that'll make roll down the windows, hit the gas and crank it up. 
"It's You," "Be Still' and "I'll Go" pull at your heart strings as they offer gratitude and servitude to the Lord.  Along with "Dreamer," the title track is a stand out. "Determined" is simple in its medium tempo structure. The song makes wonderful use of CO3's seemingly effortless vocal harmonies along with inventive production to present a tune that would be a good daily devotional. 

There's a common misconception about my Christian faith 
it's not just my religion, let me tell you I've been saved 
and I'm determined to live it everyday. 
Even though I stumble, fall flat upon my face 
through all the condemnation 
I'm still running, running in this race. 
I am determined. 
But there is a fly in the ointment here. This picture is nearly too perfect. Occasionally, the duo seems to be trying too hard to be everything to everybody. The results can water down the message. The music can be a bit sterile  and lack in variety in sound. However, there is energy and sparkle throughout and a genuine love for the Lord comes through on every song. 

Bob Felberg


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