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While They Slept
CookBook & Uno Mas
Label: Illect Recordings

All hail the triumphant return of the founders of LA Symphony!  Cook and Uno Mas have brought back the lyrical style that made LA Symphony famous. This new release is quite possibly one of the best lyrical rap albums of the year. The album starts out with a hilarious intro, and then slides right into a killer opening cut. “Trash Can Bingo” holds the hook “a party ain’t a party, if you can’t kick it: and a dj ain’t a dj if he can spin it…” what more could you ask for. A solid club bouncer, that keeps your toes tappin' and your head bobbin. And if that isn’t enough, the album just flows into a steady selection of head bouncing, hiphop greats. Each track lays out its own story, but connects to the next song fluidly. Something that Cookbook and Uno Mas have always been good for delivering. A well connected bounce record. Definitely a good album to break to, so if you are a b-boy or a b-girl, pick up this joint, and get to bouncin’! Several tracks on this record feature such greats as Great Jsn, Kiz Charismatic, bTwice, Pigeon John and of course the return of LA Symphony collected together on the track Uncut.  Uncut is definitely a good rejoining of the original group…to which I owe my love of lyrical hiphop. These guys have definitely brought back lyrical group hiphop and placed it in the forefront of my music player once more. Get this record. It’s available at, you can also see more about these guys at, as well as


Rev MC

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