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In Search of Beginnings...
Artist: The Canvas Waiting
Label: Indie
Times: 11 tracks/49:06 minutes
Enhanced CD

Texas-based band The Canvas Waiting's debut project is a worthwhile--and in fact--excellent listen and multimedia experience for rock fans. I've been digesting In Search of Beginnings for quite some time, and after all these listening sessions, I haven't tired of any of the electric or acoustic tracks.

Put the musical texture of Switchfoot--with just a touch of Disciple--alongside the lyrical output of Skillet in a blender, and you have The Canvas Waiting. Simple as that!? Not quite. Let's stop the comparisons except to say if you like the aforementioned bands, there's a reference. The Canvas Waiting is establishing its own unique musical stamp and does very well with In Search of Beginnings. . .

Available in a limited-edition enhanced CD version, the band touts its name in the title track of this project, defining "The Canvas Waiting" (listen online and make your final decision). "Carousel Ride" is its kick-off frontispiece for seven full-band pieces. The limited-edition disc includes four acoustic demos, all quite intriguing.

The lyrics on each song--electric and acoustic--flirt with praise and worship; none are overtly P&W. I particularly favor the title track of this project, "These Familiar Arms," and "Sincerely Yours," which keen-eared listeners will immediately know are trained towards Jesus Christ. That's what works best with this compilation.

Where the band can grow is in its musical presentation of its songs: most begin with subtle guitars, building into the full band, a safe yet somewhat trite vehicle. However, this vehicle shouldn't detract from the overall hard-hitting, on-target sound the band is making its own, very solidly. Quite listener-friendly! The Canvas Waiting has made a project that is a solid, jumping-off point that is worth a listen . . . or two or three or more!

Extra points department: the currently-available enhanced CD is friendly across all computer platforms, including Macintosh OS 9. Enjoy "Carousel Ride" on all these platforms! The website requires fast Internet connection.

Olin Jenkins August 29, 2007

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