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Luna Park
Artist: Ben Antell Band
Label: Wartzor Area Arts & Music
Length: 149Tracks/56.55 Minutes
There's a great deal of confusion
The scholar shakes his head
There's a great deal of confusion
Some even think He's dead
Did He bang?  Or did He wham?
Wham bam!
Evolution is a shallow wish
Like a jellyfish slippin' on a sushi dish
-from "Big Bang, Wham Bam"
Whoa nelly!  Ben Antell Band is an indy-rock band from Sweden (they sing in English) that have created a blessedly warped and catchy bunch o' tunes on Luna Park.  This album is a flat out blast...a rough and tumble mix of psychedelic/classic rock sounds from Hendrix, Zeppelin, T. Rex, and the Beatles dropped in a blender and mixed with indy sensibilities and various odd instruments (kantele, violin, cello, landoline, Hohner clavinet, harp, rain stick, and the ominous Crash of Doom).  I like the way this band thinks and executes...according to the liner note this CD was created "by the two founding members of The Ben Antell Band, while the rest of the band were on vacation."  Sixten Sandvik pounds the acoustic drums, and Antell plays all other instruments.  The production is decidedly lo-fi...and the music and lyrics a huge amount of fun.  Do yourself a favor and check out for musical thrills and chills a bit unlike anything you have heard recently. And you gotta' love titles like "What a Beautiful Dei," "Piccolo Bell Boy," "Camel Race - Helter Skelter Days," and the ever popular "Really Hidden Track."

Check out the band:

Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency Radio (, a weekly freeform FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics, blues, and moreógreat rock for the ages! 



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