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Jesus Is Coming
Artist: The Bellamy Brothers
Label: Curb Records
Length: 3 tracks /  52:34                    

The Bellamy brothers, Howard and David have gone from writing the Jim Stafford hit song “Spiders And Snakes,” to the dogs, well sort of. The chart-stopping duo whose signature song “Let Your Love Flow,” went all the way to # 4 in 1976 has recorded songs with titles like “Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person (My Dog Thinks I Am), Old Hippie III (Saved) and "Drug Problems," on their debut gospel CD Jesus Is Coming. 

Despite the fact that they are now well into their fifth decade of performing and recording the Bellamy Brothers’ timbre and ability to harmonize remain intact.  The inclusion of “Let Your Love Flow” on this record only evidences a slight maturity in vocal performance and a different mix.  As I listened to a song that has been near and dear to me most of my life it served as a strong reminder why we first fell in love with the music of this duo. 

This is an album about reflection as the country duo reminisces about being drug to school, drug to church on Sunday morning, drug to family reunions and “drug by my ears when I was bad,” in the song titled “Drug Problem.” It is a song that pays tribute to their spiritual heritage, the guidance they received as youngsters for keeping them from straying far. There is poignant metaphor as they sing, “I still have those drugs flowing through my veins.” 

It is not often that a song is inspired by a sticker about cats but such is the case with “Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person My Dog Thinks I Am.” David says, “I kept thinking about it and thought, 'well that’s really a good line, but it’s got to be a dog because dogs are way more forgiving.' Their love is without question. Cats kind of question you.”

The song "Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Man My Dog Thinks I Am" is about a man that keeps sliding into sin but never gives up trying. Now maybe you cannot relate to lines like, “Sometimes I go to church on Sunday with Saturday’s whisky on my breath,” but you can probably identify with, “I can feel your love inside me Lord, but I know I’ll be coming home someday, and I pray you will find a pair of wings for old Jake.” The vocals are great and the musicians on this song are equally outstanding, led by the fabulous Randy Hiebert on acoustic guitar and some wonderful steel guitar work by Paul Franklin.  This song alone makes the CD worth adding to your collection. 

Howard and David Bellamy have made no secret throughout their career that they think of themselves as hippies and songs such as “Old Hippie III (saved)” and “Grandma’s God” are reminders of the road many of us travel down searching for answers, only to be drawn back to a firmer foundation.   Joe Caverly masterfully draws his bow across his fiddle strings on “Grandma’s God.” 

The southern gospel infused “Faith Came Back To Me” written by Howard, features some beautiful backup vocals by the trio of Vickie Carrico, Vicki Hampton and Bob Bailey.  There is really no other way to describe the work of the musicians on this song and throughout the album, than to use superlatives like ‘outstanding’.

The Bellamy Brothers also add their smooth harmonies to Albert E. Brumley’s “I’ll Fly Away,” first authored in 1932. 

A fun and lively tune, “I Ain’t Goin’ To Hell” should appeal to those who enjoy southern gospel music. The song features the harmonica work of Wally Dentz, who appears once again on track ten “You’re The World,” a song that David Bellamy wrote with his son Jesse. David’s sons Jesse and Noah make their lone vocal appearance on “You’re The World.” During my recent interview with the Bellamy Brothers David listed the collaborative effort both in songwriting and vocally as a personal highlight. 

In case you haven’t guessed, I have been trying to convince you that the CD Jesus Is Coming is a good investment. So what are you waiting for?

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer and the publisher of Riveting Riffs, . His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague. 


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