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Iris to Iris
Artist: Building 429
Label: Word Records
Length: 11 Tracks/52.05 Minutes
Imagine loneliness banished by communion
Imagine brokenness sheltered under grace
Disillusioned children finding their reunion
With the author and perfecter of their faith
God come down, hear the sound
Jesus we cry, to You
Wouldn't you like to stare directly into the eyes of God?  Building 429 takes on this theme in there latest release on Word Records called _Iris to Iris_.  The album is a solid rock/pop release that will please the CCM fan with a steady collection of worship oriented songs pointed in the direction of the Savior.  Lead vocalist Jason Ray has a powerful and unique voice that projects the message well and the cry of the band's heart to grow closer to God is evidenced through his vocals.  Producer Brown Bannister brings his impeccable skills at the sound board to Iris to Iris—he brings an impressive atmospheric aura to songs like the excellent string-laden leadoff track "Power of Your Name" and "New Season."  There are also some songs that seem a little more color-by-numbers and less impacting the radio single "Carried Away" comes to mind.  Therein lies the only difficulty with Iris to Iris—in creating a very good CCM album the band takes it a bit too safe at times (reminding me of bands like By The Tree, Third Day, and Caedmon's Call).  I think Building 429 is a great rock band waiting to happen if they drop some of the poppier stuff and veer a tad away from their radio friendly sound.  As it stands, Iris to Iris is definitely worth a listen to folks looking for a good rock/pop/CCM/worship listen.

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