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Artist: AutoVaughn 
Label: Major Bob Music
Length: 10/41:11

There is a trend among indie rockers to embrace what has become the most maligned decade in rock music history: the '80's. I for one applaud this movement, having come of age in that era. Like most Gen Xers, I carry my nostalgia on my sleeve, convinced that the music of my youth is that much better than anyone else's. AutoVaughn manages the near impossible: creating music that appeals to today's high school/college listeners, while usint just enough of a throwback style to hook in an oldster like me. 

"One More Time" is better than at least three-fourths of what is played on the radio right now. "Stay Another Night" uses harmonies, and an 80's call and response chorus combined with lead vocals that are reminiscent of Semicsonic or Third Eye Blind - the result is sonically fulfilling. "Rock Your Baby" recalls Duran Duran's early output, as does "Comeback", and "Hold On Tight" is more of the same, which is great in this case. 

"On the Radio" combines the sounds of Billy Idol and Tears for Fears, as hard as that is to picture. "We Escape" has some Big Country elements to it. AutoVaughn is one of those rare finds in the reviewer's world: an indie band with no gimmicks, no unintelligible vocals, and loads of talent. A very, very good disc for fans of indie rock, 80's new wave, and power pop. 

Brian A. Smith
6 May 2007



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