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To the Foundation
Artist: Christafari
Label: Lion of Zion
Time: 15 tracks/75:10 min

In the beginning of Christian Reggae, there was Christafari.  Actually, the genre prefers the term Gospel Reggae.

Since that early appearance (on an album titled Reggae Worship, Vol. 1) the genre has grown and expanded immensely.  The original Christafari has long since splintered & the group has gone through many iterations, all headed up by the band’s founder, Mark Mohr (aka Tansoback).  His wife (and Christafari bassist) Avion Blackman is also a longtime band member.  The group has long maintained a ministry focus, both introducing Gospel Reggae artists to America and taking the Gospel into the Caribbean and beyond.

This disc is representative of the expansion (both in breadth & quality) of the Gospel Reggae genre.  For a more expansive look at the genre, visit (also run by Mohr).  The songs have a strong connection to the roots of island music, particularly Reggae.  The gospel is up-front in the message, as always, with this band.

The third track, “Rooftop,” is a musical highlight (bass thumping, drums driving) that shouts the message of Christafari from the, uh, rooftop:

Well don't you know that Christ come and tell you that the things that you have heard--the Word
Go tell it from the rooftop
The Bible come and tell you that the things that Him proclaim--don't be ashamed
Go tell it up from the roof!
The record has a strong sound and mix.  Each voice & instrument is given plenty of distinctive room, whether up front or in support.  Each guest artist brings a unique touch.  Guests include Mr. Lynx, Ace Winn, ‘Imisi, Sheldon Blackman, and Sherwin Gardner.

Christafari has again shown that they are not only the originators of Gospel Reggae, but they are still the leaders of the pack.  This CD is universally strong, and deserves a listen from any Christians even slightly interested in the Reggae genre.

By Jonathan Nelson



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