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14 Songs in 28 Days
Artist: Various 
Label: Rebels Trust Records
Time: 44:00

February Album Writing Month is a project that seeks to inspire artists by pushing them to write an albums worth of songs in the shortest month of the year. At their website, you can listen to and find links to the artists that have submitted material. Last year, over 350 artists from twelve countries participated.

The material is diverse given that the artists on this project have only one thing in common; the fact that they write the songs in a hurry. For some artists, that's a good thing. The majority of these artists do a really good job writing and singing good music. A few of the songs were stinkers though.

If you are a fan of music, you should check this project out and see if you don't find something that tickles your fancy. If you are a musician, sign up for this deal, get off your butt, and show what you've got.

Justin Wright



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