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Cornerstone 2007 Coverage

The Phantom Tollbooth hosted Cornerstone Festival press services for the sixth year in a row, and now we are podcasting everything.
Click on any of the links to download the sound file, or subscribe to our podcast feed through this handy graphic.

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 Imaginarium (New)Flickerings(New)



Major Media Coverage

O come all ye faithful
The Observer - UK
Cornerstone is not the biggest Christian rock festival in America - this year around 18000 people attended, whereas some other festivals attract audiences 
 NBC Peoria TV Article
NBC Peoria TV News Video
 Weeklong Cornerstone Festival Draws Over 300 Bands |
This year's Cornerstone Festival is off and running, and over 20000 Christian fans from around the globe are expressing their excitement.Festival impacts Bushnell economy
Macomb Daily Journal - Macomb,IL,USA
The Cole Street gas station is not the only business benefiting from the swarm of festival-goers who have flocked to Cornerstone 2007. 
 Christian music fest swarms into Bushnell
Macomb Daily Journal - Macomb,IL,USA
By Craig Finlay/Journal Staff Writer BUSHNELL - Heat, rain and broken showers haven't slowed down the 23rd annual Cornerstone Festival this year.
 Cornerstone band cancels after bus catches fire
Peoria Journal Star - Peoria,IL,USA
BUSHNELL (GHNS) - One of the headlining bands in this year's Cornerstone Festival had to cancel its Thursday night appearance because of a tour bus fire. 
 Reliant K escapes fire
New Philadelphia Times Reporter - New Philadelphia,OH,USA
The fire caused the band to cancel its Thursday night headlining slot at the Cornerstone Festival, a major Christian event in Bushnell, Il. - USA
Relient K were forced to back out of their scheduled performance at Chicago's Cornerstone Festival on Thursday due to a, um, minor vehicular issue: Their 

Relient K Bus Catches Fire, All Contents Lost
Soul Shine - Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
The band ended up cancelling their Cornerstone Festival  appearance that they were heading to that night, but do plan to carry on with touring. 

Cornerstone makeshift stage promotes local bands
Macomb Daily Journal - Macomb,IL,USA
By Hannah Claire Hess/Journal Staff Writer BUSHNELL-Curious festival-goers tromped off the dusty, beaten path that snakes through the Cornerstone farm to.

Cornerstone cleans up after festival ends
Peoria Journal Star - Peoria,IL,USA
BY JODI POSPESCHIL BUSHNELL - Traffic down the dirt road that doubles at the driveway for the Cornerstone Festival has diminished since the weekend. 

Godfest to Ozzfest
Western Courier (subscription) - Macomb,IL,USA
Hailing from Atlanta, Ga., Norma Jean has been making music for seven years and has performed at Cornerstone six times. Last year, the band also headlined 

Cornerstone all but a memory for the 18000 who attended
GateHouse News Service BUSHNELL - Traffic down the dirt road that doubles as the driveway for the Cornerstone Festival has diminished since last weekend.

On-line Journalism

E.F. Productions Explains All

Very rare video footage of the Press Tent in action!
Faceless International Press Conference

Cornerstone Music Fest.
the Interns head to Cornerstone Music Festival.

The Needle for the Nail:  Experience Christian body art at the Cornerstone Music Festival

The Great CornerstoneFestival Experience.1
By Doug Van Pelt 
Aha! I'm here and I'm online! Hooray for technology! If anyone reads this (and you're going to be at the...

As the deer panteth for the water...
By Doug Van Pelt my trailer takes its life. On the way home from Cornerstone Festival this year (about 90 minutes away from...

Cornerstone Festival Draws Over 300 Bands -
Cornerstone Festival Draws Over 300, CA - 15 minutes agoTaking place throughout the week in Bushnell, Ill., the annual Christian music extravaganza has pulled in over 300 bands to perform on over a dozen stages, ... ...

Live Interview With Recording Artist Rosie Thomas
By jim 
We're at CornerstoneFestival--if there's an open space someone's making noise on it. We end up on a grassy hillside near a small tent where the music is reasonably subdued. Rosie suggests we sit on the grass. ...

Cornerstone 2007 Festival Videos
By Jason 
Cornerstone Festival 2007 is now over and they're asking for festival goers to submit their videos to their YouTube group. I think this is a great idea and would love to see them. Remember, if you've got photos, thoughts or videos to ...

Recent multimedia
By agerik 
A multimedia project from Cornerstone Festival 2007 near Bushnell, Ill. I spent the day out there shooting both stills...

WRITING LOVE around the world: A group of friends tries to stop a ...
The Patriot Ledger - Quincy,MA,USA
Music gave the group a huge boost in May 2006 at Cornerstone Florida, an annual Christian rock festival. Hayley Williams, the 19-year-old singer of the ...

Photos from the Underground and Fat Calf stages by Facedown Records' photographer:


Making a Living as a Musician
Presented by DiscRevolt

Part 1   Part 2      Part 3

Cornerstone 101

Tollbooth Talks

Personal Blogs

Cornerstone '07 Overview (New)

Cornerstone Fest was a great time again this year. i think it was a particularly good year actually. i saw, and enjoyed, more shows than i have in the past few years. but i'll talk about the music a bit later....
Cornerstone Music Festival 2007
Cornerstone Music Festival. it was neat. here are a few of the happenings that went on. A few of the best shows in my opinion were:1. Mewithoutyou2. As Cities Burn (set 1)3. The Chariot4. Gasoline Hea...

Brave In Parentheses - MySpace Blog - http://blog.myspace.combraveinparentheses 

Late Summer Reading List, Part 1
By Edward Gilbreath
I finally met him in person at the Cornerstone Festival in late June. In his fascinating book, Paul examines the cultural concept of "cool." What is it? And why do we (often unconsciously) continue to worship at its altar? ...
Reconciliation Blog - 

cornerstone music festival
By tabitha(tabitha) 
tomorrow we leave for the cornerstone music festival. we'll be camping out with 20000 others...listening to music, attending seminars and manning the source booth. seeing that i've never camped for more than 2 days at a time--this will ...

of stir-fries and mudslides
By parasolparty 
The worst part of the day was when it suddenly started monsoon-ing on Cornerstone Festival. Water ran in sheets down the side of the tent and into our booth, all over the t-shirts and CDs and everything else. We shuffled things around 

I'm back from a great week of vacation with my fellow pagans some ...
By Jason Blair 
I'm back from a great week of vacation with my fellow pagans some great Christians at the Cornerstone Festival. I'm so glad to see I missed out on another bar room brawl over baptism. (uber-jn) While y'all continue to fight that one out ...

Cornerstone Review - by Rebecca V.
By thombornino(Phil) 
We started towards Cornerstone, and I honestly had no idea what to expect. After paying a 45 dollar a person day pass, we parked and went into the festival to find my friend who was there. He was going to make sure we didn't get totally ...

in my corner of Cornerstone Festival this year
By justthischris 
Well, along with many others, I spent the last week of June at CornerstoneFestival 2007 in Bushnell, Illinois. Overall it was a very good year. Here are some things I won't forget for a long time:. 1. Finally meeting Stephen Sizer in ...

Cornerstone 2007 Post Mortem Part 1
By Pete 
Capping off my week of vaca last week I got a chance to go to Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell for the day on Thursday and it was all that I remembered. Photos and more complete stuff will be up later, however, there were quite a ...

By liamkinnon 
It has been a busy few weeks culminating in my journey to Cornerstone Festival in Southern Illinois. I hope to do a video podcast with the pictures and footage I captured sometime this week. Watch for it here.


Cornerstone Recovery Period
By Lint Hatcher(Lint Hatcher) 
Well, I'm back from the razzle dazzle, contemplative meandering and goofy conversations that are, collectively, the CornerstoneFestival. As usual, I didn't listen to any of the bands. HIGHLIGHTS ON THE PAINFUL SIDE: ...

Cornerstone Festival 2007 Recap
By Cindy 
Cornerstone 2007 was probably the best one yet for me. The weather was incredible after the rain came in and cooled it down. I got to see some of our Underground favorites (All the Day Holiday and Seabird) on actual Cornerstone stages. ...

Afterthoughts on Cornerstone Festival 2007
I just returned from another great experience at Cornerstone Festival . I was pretty busy this year, presenting two different workshop series, leading a film discusion on a fantasy role playing game (see my thoughts on this at ...

Long post, but lots of clicky things
That time of the year has come and gone again - the week where a bunch of crazy people from around the world all decide to go camping in Bushnell, Illinois: CornerstoneFestival. This was

Cornerstone Festival 2007
Sometimes I feel like God allows us to experience treats on earth that we really like and enjoy to give us a taste of the hope that we are waiting for, that is heaven. My goal this year was just to 11th year at the festival and a pretty ...

Hi Guys, Canfield here. I got back from Cornerstone Festival, which almost killed me this year, to discover that the long relaxing summer of movie catch-up I had planned wasn't yet to be. Several power outages, a crashed hard drive...
This is going to be long Baby, so grab some snacks and a might be here a whil

These photos were done at Cornerstone Festival this past summer. We meet these guys a few camp sites away and they were rockin' the generator stages like jelly rocks toast (i don't know). We found this old barn that they now have dance ...
danny.c photography -

Speaker Blogs

A Balanced Manifesto on Race, Faith, and Politics
By Edward Gilbreath 
This is my last day at the Cornerstone Festival. It has been a great time. Lots of energetic, creative, and compassionate people. Thanks so much for all your prayers. I promise to blog about my experiences here once I get back home and ...
Cornerstone Reflection

Afterthoughts on Cornerstone Festival 2007
By John W. Morehead(John W. Morehead) 
I just returned from another great experience at Cornerstone Festival. I was pretty busy this year, presenting two different workshop series, leading a film discusion on a fantasy role playing game (see my thoughts on this at ...

CBE's Ministry at CornerstoneFestival
By Allison 
Hosted by Jesus People USA, the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois attracted thousands of people who were ready not only to hear their favorite bands, but also to engage in dialogue at the various workshops held during the ...

By Jason
One of the greatest things about the Cornerstone Festival is hanging out with all manner of cool and interesting folks from all over the world, and this year's festival was no different. Part of that was due to my status as a speaker ...
Opus -

Scenes I Go Back To: Only Yesterday
By Jason 
Earlier this summer, I had the great privilege of speaking at the Flickerings Film Festival. Flickerings is part of the Cornerstone Festival, an arts festival that I attended many times throughout my college and post-college years. ...
Opus - 

My Waaaaaaay Late Cornerstone Festival 2007 Report
By Jon Trott(Jon Trott)
If you peruse the Cornerstone Festival site, and especially coverage from most other folks (either of the faith community or the secular community), it quickly becomes apparent that most coverage is of Cornerstone's formidable music ...
Blue Christian on a Red Background -

Reflections on Cornerstone Festival 07 by Nancy Nethercott
I went into the week wondering what I would get out of an event like this and was thrilled with what I found there.

Band Blogs

David Crowder Band Sends Fans on Treasure Hunt to Find 'Remedy' Christian Post - USA
The five remaining festivals include Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Ill. (June 27); Creation Northeast at Mt. Union, Pa. (June 28); Sonshine Festival in ...

Everyday Sunday: Waking to a Dream
By Jackie A. Chapman 
Everyday Sunday's latest album is one they have "dreamed of." Yes, it's something to be excited about. So are No. 1 radio singles such as "Wake! Wake Up!" and securing a slot on the main stage at this year's Cornerstone Festival. RECORDS AT CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL
All of our bands are en route and we're about to fly out to Bushnell, IL for this year's Cornerstone Festival. Make sure to stop by our booth to check out ...

Facedown At Cornerstone Festival
By JoshIVM 
Click here to check out pictures from all of the Facedown bands that played Cornerstone Festival. The pictures were done by Martyr Media. Did anyone go to C-stone that reads here? If so, what did you think?

Paper RouteCornerstone or Bust...
Hello friends. We're leaving for Cornerstone on Wednesday morning to get a leg up on the festival. The U-Haul is rented, the transportation is established and I'm interrupting rehearsal to type this...

Return To Him Clothing-Cornerstone Music Festival Day 1
So, Alive Music Festival is now over and Cornerstone has now begun. I must start this blog by commenting on how great Alive Music Fest was and all the amazing people that God gave us the opportu...

I found a few new photos from Cornerstone and Creation fest! Click HERE to view the rest! 

Underoath - Writing On The Walls (Cornerstone 2007)
Underoath - Writing On The Walls (CornerstoneFestival 2007, IL)


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