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Author: Sharon Carter Rogers
Publisher: River Oak
Pages: 384

 Who is the Sinner, is he just an urban myth, a legend, an old wives tale that mothers use to frighten their children when they are bad? Or is he something even more sinister than that, could he possibly be real? In her latest writing endeavor authoress Sharon Carter Rogers weaves a supernatural tale that is hard to put down. In this tale of mystery and suspense we are introduced to a number of wonderful characters such as writer, CK Ivors, her photographer and colleague "Junebug" Collins & detective Sean Stepp among others. And of course there is the Sinner.

Just what motivates this vigilante killer and is it truth or just myth that the current string of killings can actually be traced back to the Civil War. How could that possibly be and yet all of the evidence seems to point in that way. Is it a secret society of avengers or something even more sinister and horrific. Join CK and her associates as they try to unravel this tale of wonder before the killer strikes again. Are the killings just the random acts of a madman or are they following some sort of a pattern. Will they be in time to stop the killer before he strikes again and how does the journal of Beverly Scott Thomas fit into all of this. 

Sinner is a riveting book that I found myself picking up at every spare moment, so will you!

Chris MacIntoshaka Grandfather Rock



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