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I'm Okay--You're Not
Author: John Shore
Publisher: Navpress
Length: 168 Pages

To many Christians, The Great Commandment and the Great Commission are inseparable. John Shore makes the point that in our zeal to practice the "Great Commission," we have don't practice "The Great Commandment" to love everyone. _I'm Okay, You're Not_ notes that pretty much everyone on the planet--save the most remote--have heard "The Good News." They have either accepted it as truth or rejected it, and those of us who've accepted it have no business making those who've rejected feel bad about their choice. It isn't "okay" to force others to believe what you believe. Instead, we should practice loving them where ever they are in their life journey. Shore does a fine job explaining why and offers good examples for interacting with others. Most of his points are dead on target. Christians will learn a lot from the quotes of non-Christians used as examples throughout this book (these are aptly named "Ouch"), followed by questions for group discussions.

The book gives me hope that Christ's church might become the church Christ intended. An interesting book and a good, easy read.

Shari Lloyd


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