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Hippies, Jesus Freaks, and Music
By Shawn David Young
XanEdu OriginalWorks, 2005
98 pp.
Attention, young people--heed this warning. Someday, whatever interest or lifestyle you are pursuing will be studied by academics, so sharpen your memories and leave a good documentation trail. Fortunately, at the turn of the '60s, hippies converting to Christianity as part of the "Jesus Movement" followed this advice and a swelling list of authors are taking advantage of oral histories, contemporary reports, and the rich musical legacy to make sense of the history its participants were too busy living to fully appreciate. 
Hippies, Jesus Freaks, and Music by Shawn David Young, a Greenville College instructor, is a fair attempt to wade into that storied turbulent time in a systematic way. He uses the book as a launch point for his "Music, Society, and Subculture" course which surely includes many lively discussions engendered by this material. The bibliography will be very useful for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the subject and Young makes a good case for doing so in his introduction, "The Christian revival which occurred among the hippie culture of the late sixties has been perhaps one of the most lasting influences on the American Evangelical church." 
As someone who became a Christian during the Jesus Movement, who is still seeking information about the era, I found the book to serve better as a lecture series outline than a comprehensive reference, but it is a quick read that is factually correct and encourages further investigation. 
Reviewed by Linda LaFianza


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