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The Scam
Author: James Byron Huggins
Publisher: Whitaker House
Length : 416 pages

Government is corrupt. We are all well aware of this. In The Scam, Huggins shows that we never could have guessed how corrupt many of those players could be. Starting with a mystery that many have chased for over half a century, art and gold stolen from the Jews during the Holocaust, this story follows that trail around the world. 

Rather than returning these items to their rightful owners, a group of men hid them and invested the treasures in ways that guaranteed their personal fortunes and power for life. With this power came influence and entrance into the highest echelons of government around the world. 

A small FBI team is put together to track down the mastermind of this scheme and the man who has killed for him to keep this story quiet throughout the years. Full of intrigue and double crosses, this is a good read. 

The book could have done with some better editing (spelling, punctuation, repetitive descriptions), but the story is relatively unaffected.

Justin Wright



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