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Wait Until Then 
Author: Randy Alcorn
Publisher; Tyndale for Kids
Length: 36 pp.

Nathan is a young boy who has two great loves in life - baseball and his grandfather. His grandfather is dependent on a walker, and Nathan is confined to a wheelchair with a severe case of spinal bifida, then enabling the two to spend a great deal of time together. His grandfather also has loves in his life - his family, baseball (he's a former Boston Red Sox who played with Ted Williams), and Jesus. 

As his grandfather's health worsens, Nathan's perspective on heaven and the words of his grandfather begin to take on a deeper meaning. Randy Alcorn's account attempts to make sense of dying, and the afterlife for Christians is written in order to give children an understanding of Heaven. It may serve as a springboard to discussing such topics with your young children. Alcorn offers hope in his portrayal and the reminders from Scripture about "new bodies" and the end of every form of pain. It is a quick and enjoyable read for those of us with elementary children. 

Brian A. Smith
13 June 2007



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