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What You Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Politics
Author: Matthew Paul Turner
Publisher: Think
227 pages

Matthew Paul Turner seems to be able to make any topic interesting. Of course, when he tackled a book about sex, he had everyone's attention from the start. Now, he takes on politics; an area that may be just a little harder to pick up an audience.

What is your political affiliation? It doesn't matter. MPT will find a way to tip your sacred cows, and make you rethink why you vote (or don't vote) the way you do. If you are a non-voter, he will motivate you to get off your lazy duff and register to vote before the next important election. BTW, you will also learn that they are ALL important.

While this may not have been the most interesting book in this four part (Sex, Christianity, Politics, Money) series, it is a great look into what makes our political system so unique, and why it relies on you for it's success.

Justin Wright



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