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What You Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Sex
Author: Matthew Paul Turner
Publisher: Think
265 pages

The author of this book gives my parents too much credit. They took a stance similar to "Don't ask, don't tell" when it came to sex. I had to figure things out with a National Geographic and a medical encyclopedia. Okay. Now that I got that off my chest, I can get to the review.

This book should be required reading for anyone who has children. They need to read this book before they make an attempt at talking to their kids about sex. When they screw it up, like most parents do, they should just give the book to their kids, and let them read it.

This is not just some how to manual. This is a book that takes a level headed, mature look at sex from a  Christian perspective. God designed sex, and Matthew Paul Turner helps you make sense of it all. He doesn't just take a one-sided look at things. He provides links to websites for help and further information. There is some serious talk about porn addiction. One of the touchiest subjects (no pun intended), masturbation, is dealt with in the most realistic and straight forward way that I have ever seen.

Whether you are a teenager who is looking to figure some things out, a parent looking for a little help, or an adult looking to figure out how you got screwed up, this books for you. Turner rights in a style that keeps the reading interesting without getting ackward.

Get this book.

Justin Wright



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