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What You Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Christianity
Author: Matthew Paul Turner 
Publisher: Think Publishing
Length : 282 pages

Matthew Turner takes the sleep inducing subject of theology and makes it interesting. For many of us, the child like faith that Jesus admonishes us to adhere to is a little harder than it sounds. Turner helps take the stuffiness out of the church. 

Full of fun historical facts and breakdowns to help you find out what kind of Christian you really are, this book is pure fun.

The best chapter had to be the one on pop culture and Christianity. Just to see a list of all the acrostics (WWJD, FROG, COPS, PUSH, CIA) that church folk have slapped on everything in one place is worth it all. Provides a good opportunity to take a look at all those things in your local CCM bookstore that are supposed to be Jesus' idea of cool and laugh really hard. 

This book is great. If you have just recently gotten into church, it might help you understand what everyone else is talking about. If you cut your teeth on the back of the pew in your grandpa's church, this book will help you see where you went off the deep end. 

Justin Wright



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