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What You Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Money
Author: Matthew Paul Turner
Publisher: Think
220 pages

Unless your parents were in the finance industry, this book is for you. Most parents teach their kids less about money than they do about sex (MPT covers that in another book if your interested).

While there are many good financial books out there, this book would fall in the category of great financial books. What makes this book great? Is Matthew Paul Turner a great financial guru? No. Does the book contain some get rich quick guarantee? Not hardly. This book contains some of the same material that others have put out, interviews with some top people in finance (including best selling author Dave Ramsey), and some really solid information. The greatness lies in the fact that the information in this book is communicated in a manner that actually makes one want to make changes in their financial life. No, not just want to, but actually to make changes in their financial life.

With wit, humor, and self-deprecating honesty, this book shows where great financial pitfalls lie, how to avoid them, and how to get out of them. Great tips on credit cards (they are evil), buying a car, buying a house, and saving money (even if you don't make a lot). As far as investments go, this book (list price $11.99) may be the best investment you ever make. Dump the couch over, dig through the cushions, and find enough change to buy this book today.

Justin Wright



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