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Poltergeist (A Greywalker Novel) 
by Kat Richardson
New American Library (Penguin Books)
375 Hudson Street
New York, N.Y. 10014 USA.
338 pp. Pb. 2007. $14.98

Seattle resident Kat Richardson once again creates the ambience of Seattle in her second book, Poltergeist. This is a continuation of the story of Blaine Harper, a female private investigator who was legally dead for two minutes. The after-effects give Blaine the ability to walk in the Grey, filled with ghosts of people who don’t know they are ghosts. The Grey is filled with time shifting areas and once you have this ability to walk there, it’s with you forever.

In Richardson’s first book, Greywalker, we met Blaine and her pet ferret, Chaos. Blaine’s friends from that book are included in Poltergeist and are the married couple Ben and Mara (they are teachers and she is a witch), an almost-boyfriend, Will, an electronics expert, Quinton, a new vampire, Cameron, and a vampire-necromancer, Carlos. Armed with the ability to reach ghosts and get support from friends, Blaine is ready to tackle just about anything. She gets her wish when a psychologist, Dr. Tuckman, invites her to observe one of his classes. Strange things are happening that he can’t understand. Is someone creating the illusion of a poltergeist or did the group actually create one themselves through the power of the mind? When murders start occurring, Blaine is in a time crunch.

Kat Richardson is a writer who reaches out and grabs you into the Grey with her. Through descriptive passages, you walk with ghosts and see that having this ability is a lifetime of having a nightmare trail along behind you. Kat’s wit lets us know what it is like to own a ferret as a pet, “One blue running shoe---much chewed around the padded ankle bit---had become a nifty cot for the perpetrator, who was uttering little ferrety snores from within it.” Or, visiting friends with a child in the rambunctious three’s, “Brian sat in the middle of the kitchen floor in a pile of vegetables and lettuce, staring at the kitchen table and rubbing the top of his head.”  What is it like to enter the Grey? “I got comfortable, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath…I had a moment of vertigo as I pushed across the barrier into the Grey…opened my eyes to the cold and the foggy light of the Grey, filled with the shapes and shadows of things long gone hanging in an endless mist-world”

A Greywalker book is a page-turner, you will get a history lesson in Seattle. The reader can decide whether to own a ferret or not and definitely work out so you can outdistance anything at any given time. The mist of the Grey lingers long after the book is closed and Blaine Harper is an inventive personality.

Copyright 2007 Marie Asner
Submitted 10/29/07

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