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Hazards of Being a Man: Overcoming 12 Challenges All Men Face
Author Jeffrey A. Miller
Publisher: Baker Books
Length: 199 pp.

The title of the book pretty much explains the premise all men have areas in which they can stumble.  Jeffrey Miller's goal is to identify these areas, examine them from a Biblical perspective, and try to suggest ways in which these pitfalls can be avoided (or at least fallen into less frequently).

Some of the material could be handled as one issue, rather than in separate chapters (every problem here is an example of "misplaced priorities" to some degree), but that is only a minor complaint when faced with the relevance factor of the book.  Speaking as a male Christian, I can safely say that Miller's statement in his subtitle, "All Men Face", is 100% accurate.  He advises Biblical study, accountability, and renewed commitments to our God, our families, and our friends and co-workers.  He states what should be the most obvious thing in assessing our problems, yet is most often missed by those of us in the midst of our struggles: whenever we are having problems, the issue is a spiritual one.  The relationship to God is more important than asking advice, analyzing the problem, or trying to figure thing out on our own.  It's a simple piece of advice, yet Miller points out we often forget this as we try to maintain control.

Each chapter is followed by discussion questions, enabling group or individual study.  Hazards of Being a Man is well written, yet with short enough chapters that even the most impatient reader should be able to get through the book in a few weeks.

Brian A. Smith
13 June 2007



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