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The Dead Whisper On
Author: T. L. Hines
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 314

This is a gripping, supernatural, suspense thriller that takes place in Butte, Montana. The problem is that it goes beyond the supernatural to the bizarre.

The author admits to writing “Noir Bizarre” fiction. It certainly is bizarre, but it is too unbelievable for this reviewer. 

The author doesn’t believe in communicating with the dead but that is what happens with a young woman living in Butte. Some may find this fascinating, but it could cause some people, including weak Christians, to become fearful and focus too much on the realm of the dead and satanic beings. The story gives too much power to the forces of darkness.

As a result, I cannot recommend it very highly even though it is well written. Most Christians will find the subject matter too controversial.

Sandy Dalton
September 19, 2007


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