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Cracking DaVinci's Code 
Author: James L. Garlow and Peter Jones
Publisher: Victor Publishing
Length : 254 pages

Garlow and Jones don't really address DaVinci's Code. They address what they refer to as "Brown's Code". They assert that Dan Brown presents a systematic plan against Christianity in The DaVinci Code and his other writings as well. They recommend having a copy of  The DaVinci Code with you while reading their book; almost as if their's were some sort of companion book. 

This book attempts to show where Dan Brown has taken acknowledged historical data and twisted it out of proportion, or added to it from materials which have had their historical veracity questioned. This may seem like a heavy reaction to a novel, but the root of their issue is in Brown's assertion that his writing is historical. The information is set forth fairly well. I don't know that it would change the mind of anyone who believed that Mary Magdalene bore the child of Jesus Christ. 

As they go about dissecting the historical errors in Brown's book, they follow a young girl, Carrie, across a college campus as she is introduced to a group of hard core adherents to Brown's theology. While some people may be confused by Brown's fudging of the line between fact and fiction, the sold out follower angle seems a little far fetched. 

Justin Wright



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