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Heaven for Kids
Author: Randy Alcorn
Publisher: Tyndale Publishers
length: 194 pp.

In his children's version of Heaven, Randy Alcorn attempts to answer scores of questions that children (and many adults) have about Heaven. Most of us have heard these questions in church, such as "will we know other people in Heaven?" or "what will we be doing there?" Alcorn tries to appeal to Scripture when devising his rationale, but at times his answers seem too simplistic, relying on the argument that since the Bible doesn't directly address the question, there is no reason why it can't happen.

For those seeking definite answers, that argument will prove to be unsatisfying, and may create more questions than it answers. In other areas, Alcorn is on firmer ground, and his explanations seem to be consistent with the thoughts on Heaven contained in the New Testament. He also offers the theory that Heaven may in fact be a new version of Eden on Earth.

Aimed at kids from ages 8 to 12, Heaven for Kids may prove to be helpful for adults looking for a way to explain such concepts to their children. Some younger readers may feel, though, that Alcorn has "dumbed down" his prose to a level they may find insulting. It is a fine line to attempt to teach children of that age while not having them tune you out because of the method. I would like to see more proof behind some of his answers, and less of the "we can't rule it out" argument.

Brian A. Smith
27 August 2007


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