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March 2006 Top 10 

The Phantom Tollbooth March 2006 Top 10 votes are tabulated and reported with interesting entries of brand new projects, some returning titles, and one three-way tie. Returning from last month's survey are P.O.D.'s Testify, Illinois by Sufjan Stevens (rebounding from number ten to number four), Neal Morse's ? (in the three-way tie with Blindside and Demon Hunter), and The Rock & Roll Worship Circus Becomes the Listening. Returning after an absence from the survey are Starflyer 59, receiving a resounding number of votes to move to the top slot, Blindside, and Project 86. Plumb's Chaotic Resolve debuts in the Top 10 at number two, and missing from the survey from last month includes Mute Math, Proto-Kaw, and Luxury. Remember to vote for your favorites that you've listened to for the Phantom Tollbooth Top 10. Here are the results of the March 2006 survey.

1. Starflyer 59 - Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice
2. Plumb - Chaotic Resolve
3. P.O.D. - Testify
4. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
5. Blindside - The Great Depression
5. Demon Hunter - The Triptych
5. Neal Morse - ?
8. Project 86 - And the Rest Will Follow
9. The Listening - The Rock & Roll Worship Circus Becomes the Listening
10. Watermark - A Grateful People


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