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Half-Pint Demigod
Artist: Yogi 
Label: Wonky Records
Length: 11/73:44

Yogi is one of my favorite unknown artists a songwriter and guitar player from the Seattle area, he does not imitate the common grunge influences of that area, but has a sound that generally combines the best parts of Extreme and King's X.  His two previous discs, Any Raw Flesh?, and Salve, were two of the undiscovered gems of the last few years.

Half-Pint Demigod is an album of remixes, culled from studio and live performances of the Any Raw Flesh? material.  Andre LaFosse is the knob twiddler on this one, and he focuses primarily on three songs "What Have We Here?," "You Fell," and "No More Evil" they comprise eight of the eleven tracks on the disc.  

As with most discs of this type, the enjoyment is in the ear of the beholder.  For me, none of these tracks do anything that outshines the original songs on which they were based.  "Bucket of Damn 1" is the best of the output here.  While I look very much forward to Yogi's next full length release, Half-Pint Demigod isn't the disc I was hoping for it is more like a collector's disc for fans.  

Brian A. Smith
29 December 2005



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