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Why We Never Go Swimming & Other Short Stories
Artist: Elijah Wyman 
Label: Blue Duck Records
Time: 34:39

Kind of reminds you of a eccentric, morbidity obsessed Sufjan Stevens. The lyrics make for some very interesting reading. Short stories for sure. Following themes of suicide, the idea of ghosts, reasons for murder, and infidelity. A little pulp, a little emo. Emo-pulp?

Musically diverse. Dulcimer, banjo, vibratone. Not run of the mill in any sense. “Doves Blood, Desert Sand” only employs some floor toms for a Indian pow-wow feel. The vocals have that same type vibe. Then you get into peppy acoustic guitars over sappy depressed lyrics. Wyman sounds a little off key most of the time, but it comes of as part of his “style”. 

Interesting, but not engaging.

Justin Wright  04/22/2006



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