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Walk the Sky
Artist: Walk the Sky
Label: Independent
Length: 11/44:29

Walk the Sky is for the fans of '80's metal: fist pumping, guitar solos, long hair, three quarter sleeve baseball style concert shirts, and tons of harmonies.   Considering the band was formed by Rick Hunter-Martinez (Regime, Soldier), this should come as no surprise to fans of old school Christian metal.

"Lay It on the Line" is a Scorpions/Ratt style song, while "Always Remember" is as cliché a metal track as has ever existed – you will swear that you heard this one before, perhaps while cruising with friends in high school on your way to the beach. 

"Heart of Stone" could be a forgotten Stryper tune, while "Don't You Know What Love Is" is a Touch cover.   And, like all 80's metal bands, there is the obligatory ballad in "Always Remember".

Walk the Sky is all about melodic hooks, guitar riffs that range from plaintive solos to heavy metal shredding, and harmony from its vocalists. A fun throwback that nonetheless sounds very, very dated. 

Brian A. Smith
18 February 2006

There's no school like the old school

When I threw this disc in, I had to stop and check the copyright date. It sounded like it might be a re-release from around 1987. This is no re-release though. Walk the Sky is composed of some guys [Rick Hunter-Martinez (Soldier, Regime), Jeff Lemas (The Infinite Why), Rob Bonstin (PRESS, Ruffians) and Tom Young (Marshall Coleman, 500 Hats)] who rocked through the '80's and still had some stuff rattling around that they had to get out. These guys just remember what rock 'n' roll is supposed to sound like. High pitched vocals (a la Michael Sweet), pounding drums, blazing guitar solos, and driving low-end bass. Complete with love songs (one of which sounds like Queensryche), a song about that girl that's gonna get you in trouble, and a couple ballads, this an old schooler's dream come true.

Just because this is old school, don't think of it like some milk that's been held past the “sell by” date. The energy contained in this CD is as as fresh and crisp as it gets.

Justin Wright 04/1/2006



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