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A Grateful People
Artist: Watermark 
Label: Rocketown
Length: 14 tracks/61.22

 It was billed as a night to celebrate the music and ministry of Watermark, but the underlying theme was the end of the duo’s career. They invited many musical friends like Charlie Hall, Ed Cash, Point of Grace, Chris Tomlin, and others and on August 25, 2005, did what was to be their last concert. 

As far as a live recording goes, the concert is alright. The sound is a little muddled and busy. Surprising since Nathan Nockels is a top notch producer. 

As a farewell show to one of Christian music’s most successful and talented duos, it is disappointing.  Too often there are no surprises and a lack of energy and communication with the audience leaves a cold, unconnected feeling. Mid-concert things do get going a bit with the run of “Glory Baby,” “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” and “Arise and Be Comforted.,” but things never really get off the ground. 

One highlight is Christy’s heartfelt duet with Charlie Hall on “Captivate Us.”

In the end, what saves this performance is the voice of Christy Nockels. Always a joy to experience, this night found her instrument clear, crisp, and clean-loaded with emotion. This marvelous voice will be missed. 
Bob Felberg  8/8/2006



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