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Artist: Whitecross 
Label: Retroactive Records
Length: 14/51:15

Hair metal returns with the re-release of Unveiled, one in a series of reissues from Retroactive Records.  Scott Wenzel and company sound really dated here, but the disc is a fine example of the style of the day – big guitar solos, pounding drums, chanted choruses, and the like.  Two demos from the original session that got Whitecross signed are added as bonus tracks.

"If You Believe" is standard '80's metal, a la Ratt.  "Home in Heaven" could be a Poison outtake, while "Goodbye Cruel World" is a Led Zeppelin as sung by Billy Squier type of song.  "Angel's Disguise" proves that Whitecross follows the formula of the other metal bands of the day – it is the obligatory ballad.

"I Keep Praying" sounds more like White Heart than Whitecross(or Journey with inferior vocals)…probably not a coincidence since Dan Huff, Jimmy Lee Sloas, Mark Gersmehl, and Gordon Kennedy all appear on this disc.  "Come into the Light" crosses Poison with Def Leppard, and "King of Angels" is a Motley Crue soundalike.  "He is the Rock" stays in the same area, and "Salt City" covers the same ground, with perhaps a dash of Cinderella.  

Unveiled is a fun disc, in that it provides a time capsule of the '80's and early '90's metal sound.  It's one of those things that thirty-somethings could consider a guilty pleasure, but there is no reason to be ashamed of owning this record.  It stands up as well as any of the other offerings of the day.

Brian A. Smith
29 December 2005



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