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A Grateful People
Artist: Watermark 
Label: Rocketown
Length: 14/65:16

Watermark (Nathan and Christy Nockels) has decided to call it a career and focus on production work and parenting.  A Grateful People serves as both their greatest hits' disc and their obligatory live album.  Producers Nathan Nockels and Don Donahue have done a good job of assembling a cross section of Watermark's radio hits, songs from their early days ("Arise and Be Comforted" and "A Grateful People" are from their independent days), and two new studio songs.

All of the "required" songs are here.  A sped up version of "Take Me There" leads off, and is followed by what is probably their best known song, "The Glory of Your Name".  Several guests contribute on the album Chris Tomlin is featured on "A Grateful People/Bless the Lord", Point of Grace chips in on "Who Am I", and Shane and Shane appear on "Arise and Be Comforted".

Watermark has always straddled the line between adult contemporary rock and worship music, and this disc is no exception.  Radio hit "In the Garden (There is None Like You)" is here, as is "Captivate Us".  One of the new songs, "Elliana's Song", is about the Nockels' daughter, and provides a companion piece to "Noah's Song" from the Constant album.  "More Than You'll Ever Know" exhibits the harmonies that have been the Watermark trademark for the last ten years.

This is a fairly typical disc in that fans of Watermark will love it and immediately buy it.  Casual fans will see it as a good way to collect the songs with which they are familiar.  Non-fans will not be converted by this disc, but A Grateful People does what it sets out to do: it celebrates a career and celebrates the Giver of the talent behind it.

Brian A. Smith



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