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Define The Great Line
Artist: Underoath 
Label: Solide State Records 
Released 2006

Unbelievable.  Do you understand?  Unbelievable.  I don't even LIKE this band, I'm not in that scene, I don't like the fashions or trends of screamo, I liked TWO whole songs off of the last record they put out.

All that stuff you know about Underoath?  Kill it.  Any previous opinion on the band?  Murder it.  From second one they kill preconceptions and doubts and mocking laughter and bring it all, rage and power and hope and love and passion, a torrential downpour of intensity and sonic fury, heavy and hard and emotional and  destroying, sweat inducing, pounding your own thigh as hard as you can with a fist because there's no other way, <I>no other way</i> to respond.  And it's over and leaves your skin cooling in cold sweat and the release, the sweet release of something primal and beautiful and brutal.  Forget what you knew.  This is what Underoath <I>is.</i>

Wake up Wake up My God
Wake up and step outside your box
Wake... up

Ryan Ro


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