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I'm the Only Obstacle
Artist: Brad Tucker
Label: Independent Artist
Length: 13 Tracks
Brad Tucker is a gifted songwriter who a little more than eighteen months ago in a leap of faith moved his family from the east coast of Canada to Oakville Ontario just west of Toronto. He did so because he felt it would give him an opportunity to expand his ministry. Earlier this year Tucker teamed up with producer Andrew Horrocks to lay his smooth vocal tracks down on what would become his best CD to date I'm the Only Obstacle
Tucker's who in 2003 was nominated for the East Coast Music Award in the category of Best Gospel Artist blends gentle ballads with soft rock worship tunes. Tucker wrote all of the lyrics and music for this CD. Although the vocals are distinctly his own the musical aspect for much of Tucker's music at times suggests Neil Young meets James Taylor.
One significant departure from the aforementioned styling is "Prime Time" the number 10 track. The rhythm takes Tucker's back to his roots playing in classic rock bands. The song also gives producer Andy Horrocks formerly of One Hundred Days a chance to shine on electric guitar. In fact one of the jewels for the riff lovers in the crowd is the guitar work provided by the trio of Tucker, Horrocks and bass player Rich Woodward.
"Stubborn Whims" a gentle acoustic tune speaks to the struggle between our will and God's. How many of us can identify with, "Maker of my demise-look in the mirror surmise/Why do I hurt myself so/." 
There are two songs on this album that should be registered with CCLI, "Many Names" and "Lift Him Up". When I last spoke to Tucker he indicated he was planning a fall tour of western Canada and these two worship anthems should become fan favorites. I suspect worship bands in many churches will be scrambling to find out where they can source the music and lyrics. The beautifully talented Daphne BevAcqua lends her vocals to "Lift Him Up" as does Joel Auge. BevAcqua has long been considered one of Canada's most gifted female singers. 
You would be hard pressed to make the claim _I'm the Only Obstacle_ is a foot stomping, hand-clapping album but it never was meant to be. The album is a look inside the heart of one of the most gifted worship songwriters in Canada today. Tucker is blessed with an abundance of talent as modern day poet and minstrel. 
Even though Tucker is one of the more gifted songwriters in Canada today the narrow-minded Christian radio stations in Canada probably will not give him the recognition he deserves. Like Raylene Scarrot, Starfield and Cheryl Dunn he will probably have to look to the US, Australia and Europe for his music to receive air play. In the interim my suggestion would be that Tucker hook himself up with a good American agent to market his songs to more established Artists in the United States.
I'm the Only Obstacle is distributed in most major Christian bookstores throughout Canada 

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague. 


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