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Artist: Travis Abercrombie
Label:  Moonshot Records
Length: 12 Tracks/42:39 min.
Travis and his band vocally are a strong combination  of Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) and musically of Modest Mouse or Franz Ferdinand.  Travis can also sing really high, sounding a lot like Matthew Bellamy (Muse).  Its possible to see Travis Abercrombie still have some footing in a non-90s style grunge world.  The lyrics may be confusing and contradictory to each other as the first song talks all about God, and in a later, uses a swear word in the last song.  Most of the songs will relate to people going through a turbulent relationship, asking the deeper questions about why?  Most of the songs  say the same thing, just in different words.  Its good music if you can only half listen to the lyrics, and if you can tolerate swearing  as well.
Amanda Walker 1/23/2006



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