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Artist: Tiny Rain
Label: Indie
Length: 12 tracks/ 42:10

“Adorably quirky” is the first description that came to my mind upon my initial listen of Tiny Rain’s newest Chrindie pop/electro/rock release.  Odd genre-blending and melodies that are sometimes introspective, sometimes gleeful (and sometimes both) fill the twelve tracks of _Mizzle_, the sixth release of this entirely homemade outfit. And while I’d still classify Tiny Rain’s latest as loveable and enjoyable now, it’s clear after several listens that there’s more to these guys than may be apparent on an initial impression.  
Elements of the echoing green, His Name Is Alive, and Joy Electric are all present, and it makes for a style that, though not yet tightened nor slick, is still fresh and interesting.  _Mizzle_ starts with one of a couple instrumentals tucked away within the record, “Gypsy Moth”, filled with flutes, bongos, and ringing synthetic notes that sound like an artificial harpsichord.  What follows next?  A folk-rock number with an entirely out-of-place yet somehow irreplaceable dreamy, psychedelic pop cadence, of course.  And it only gets more unpredictable – and impressive – from here, including beautiful indie/pop, southern and/or eastern laced indie/rock, and a priceless rap number to cap the record off.    
And it all works surprisingly well.  The incessantly shifting styles, the interchanging male and female vocals, the precious and memorable melodies – a spaced-out, strange and entertaining album that should please listeners who enjoy this brand of quirky indie/rock, and perhaps grow to be enjoyed by others that give it enough time to sink in.  This is one of the more impressive unsigned artists I have heard this year, and could turn out to be one of my favorite unsigned releases of the year as well.

Jonathan Avants 9/7/06



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