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Artist: Tracing Days
Length: 12 tracks / 40:49

Bands that arise from church worship teams often create some of the best Christian music, and Tracing Days has gracefully stepped from the sanctuary to the stage with their debut album, Control.

Frontman Lonnie Bos’s engaging voice, which carries these songs throughout, is pleasingly deep at the low end but reaches maximum emotional impact at its height. With driving guitars, electronic enhancements, and churning bass, Tracing Days is better than the average band. Lyrically, the band provides a Christ-centered take on reality, addressing issues like vanity in the song, “Masquerade”: “I hear them calling / Fix that smile on my face / Perspire and tremble / Welcome to the masquerade…But believe the one who rescues / And He knows me.”

While Bos and his bandmates try hard to fight the idea of chilché and even boldly sing the line, “Who wants a song like everyone else’s / Do we lack some creativity?” there’s nothing strikingly original, innovative or mind-blowing on this debut disc; that said, Tracing Days’ full-length
release Control is a solid album of modern rock featuring strong Christian lyrics and instrumental sounds tinged with enough edge to draw the listener in for the duration of the album.

RIYL: Switchfoot, Kevin Max, Green Day, milder Skillet

Greg Adams



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