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Testimony A Cappella (Stanford University) 2006
Vocal Artists: LeAnn Duong, Ben Yu, Jennifer Alyono, Lisa Kim, Eileen Sisk, Dana Nguyen, Jason Kim, Esther Kang, Jennifer Kim, Pablo Pozo, David Scudder
Label: TMCD-2006
12 tracks
Running Length: 43 minutes

Testimony A Cappella was formed in 1991 at Stanford University. It is a group of 28 Christian singers who perform songs that include Christian rock and hip hop. The group has toured this country and accelerate is their fourth album.

As far as style, Testimony A Cappella sounds like Manhattan Transfer, and indeed one of Transfer's songs, "Operator," is included on this CD. The arrangements of the songs highlight the blend of voices which is quite good. The harmonies are close as in "Lovely Day," where the voices meld like pairs in ice skating.

Highlights of this CD include "Lovely Day," "Emmanuel," "So Subtly" and Alison Krause's "When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart." Singers work with the material given them, and the arrangers (members of the group) for Testimony A Cappella do innovative work for this ensemble. A prime example is "So Subtly" (Rescue Music) in which  phrasing and harmony are skillfully interpreted by the group with soaring melody and close knit harmonies. Members of the group will change from year to year as students graduate and new ones come in. For now, "accelerate" is good listening.
Copyright 2006 Marie Asner
Submitted 7/23/06



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