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Prime Cuts From Robert Berrys Magna Carta Sessions
Artist:  Robert Berry
Label:  Magna Carta Records 
Length:  10 Tracks/53.51 Minutes
Robert Berrys new release Prime Cuts From Robert Berry’s Magna Carta Sessions is a treasure trove of modern progressive rock songs of various flavors that manages to be both a great AND exceptionally fun listen!  Mr. Berry’s name may not be familiar to you, but checking out Prime Cuts will remedy that nicely.  Robert Berry is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, all-around musicians musician that has played with the likes of 3 alongside Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer (of ELP fame), Sammy Hagar, and a recent stint as front man for Ambrosia.  Prime Cuts From Robert Berry's Magna Carta Sessions features some of the best cuts (hence the Prime label) from his solo and tribute CDs that he has contributed to the Magna Carta label.  
The selection of songs on Prime Cuts reads like a prog-rock lovers dream with unique interpretations of classics from Yes via a rousing version of Roundabout with a distinctly modern flair, a potent version of Jethro Tulls Minstrel in the Gallery, a fairly straight-ahead take on Pink Floyds Brain Damage with a nice live feel, and a poignant adaptation of Rushs Different Strings.  Also featured on Prime Cuts From Robert Berry’s Magna Carta Sessions are stylish renditions of classics such as Watcher of the Skies by Genesis and ELPs unforgettable Karn Evil 9 1st Impression.  
However, there is more to Prime Cuts From Robert Berry’s Magna Carta Sessions than progressive rock covers.  Also featured is Berry’s outstanding take on the Ambrosia commentary of big city life Life Beyond LA, two progressive/folk/Celtic cuts (one instrumental and one vocal) from Berry’s Soundtrack from The Wheel of Time inspired by the Wheel of Time novel series by Robert Jordan.  And rounding out Prime Cuts is my favorite song on the CD, a Christmas song that answers the musical question What would “Carol of the Bells” sound like if it were written and performed by Yes? (albeit with a different vocalist)!  From The December People project, Berry take on “Carol of the Bells presents the traditional Christmas classic as a mini-prog-rock epic.
Also of note on _Prime Cuts From Robert Berry’s Magna Carta Sessions_ is the presence of some fantastic guest artists:  Steve Howe, Mike Mangini, Vinnie Moore, Simon Phillips, and Jordan Rudess all join Berry for the prog-rock merriment.  But ultimately the focus on _Prime Cuts_ is Mr. Berry, his clean and bright production, tight musicianship, and clear vocals.  _Prime Cuts From Robert Berry’s Magna Carta Sessions_ is a CD that is worth many repeated spins and will leave the listener satisfied (and scrambling to find additional music from Robert Berry).
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