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My Other Band Volume 1
Artist: Various
Label:  Mono vs. Stereo
Length:  15 Tracks/53.03 Minutes

My Other Band is a flat-out blast…featuring a diverse collection of rockers (and even some pop chestnuts!) from some familiar faces (and voices & guitars) from groups like Supertones, Demon Hunter, Relient K, Audio Adrenaline, and Bleach.  My Other Band kicks off with two great classic-style punk rockers from My Red Hot Nightmare, a band made up of Ethan Luck (Supertones, Demon Hunter) and Dan Spencer (Supertones).  Next up is Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes with 3 shiny pop nuggets of joy highlighted by a most-excellent Beach Boys cover (“The Warmth of the Sun”).  A few years back Thiessen told me in an interview one of his great ambitions was to record a Beach Boys-esque album of pop perfection, but he felt he was “not good enough” to attempt such a feat.  These songs suggest the leader of Relient K is pretty close to being able to pull that off!  Tyler Burkum of Audio A then offers up some yummy country-tinged rockers full of 12 string guitars and reverb-laden atmosphere.  Relient K drummer Dave Douglas plays every instrument und er the name Agnes and presents some enjoyable pop-punkers that are not too far from the Relient K formula…”Gravity” is hot rocking!  Rounding out My Other Band is Royal Empire Music (cool name!) featuring Davy Baysinger & Jared Byers of Bleach with songs again not straying far from the sound of their “Other Band,” but solid tunes nonetheless.  My Other Band Volume 1 is a great idea and an enjoyable and collection that fans on the included “Other Bands” and fans of good music in general will enjoy.  Check it out.

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