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Christmas Offerings
Artist: Third Day
Label: Essential/Sony
Length: 12 Tracks & 1 hidden track

Third Day has a new Christmas release lending its classic Southern rock grit to a mix of nine Christmas classics and four original songs. Christmas Offerings was produced by Third Day (with help from producer/engineer Don McCollister). The recording process itself was also unique. While several tracks were recorded in a traditional manner, many songs were recorded live in the studio and backed by a live audience during an intimate theater recording session at Nickel and Dime Studios in the band's hometown.  

From Mac Powell's familiar rough vocals and the band's Southern rock sound on "O Come All Ye Faithful," one is quickly convinced that this is the same Third Day we know well. "Born in Bethlehem" could become a new favorite; however, only time will tell of its enduring power. I loved the audience singing along with Powell on "Silent Night." The original "Jesus, Light of the World" has "classic" written all over it. Brad Avery contributed "Merry Christmas," a song which speaks of his longing for the child he and his wife are hoping to adopt from China. It works surprisingly well.

It's really hard to pick a favorite song. They are all good, and Third Day gives them enough of a Third Day twist so that they all sound new here. The live versions never feel out-of-place among the studio productions. 

While Christmas albums are usually a hit and miss affair, that is not the case here. All the songs selected are not only classics but fit the band's style and are sure to satisfy Third Day fans and draw in some new fans as well. Christmas Offerings is sure to spend many Christmases with you.

Shari Lloyd  11/5/2006



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