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Overrated Life
Artist: Matthew Thomas 
Label: Lava Room
Length: 11/41:53

College radio should love this guy.  _Overrated Life_ is a series of songs about women either women that are loved, or women that are inaccessible.   The nineties never died for Matthew Thomas the songs here recall almost everything that was good about AAA radio during that decade.

"Life Without You" is a hopeful look at what the artist hopes will be the beginning of something good, and is done Third Eye Blind/Matchbox 20 mode.   "Overrated Life" is more radio friendly, and sounds like a Counting Crows song with Dave Matthews singing lead.  "Come Home," another "missing her" ballad, is somewhat Hootie and the Blowfish in sound, as are "Just Ask Me" and "This Time." 

"Issues" pays homage to Third Eye Blind and Tonic, even employing the same intro riff from "Semi-Charmed Life."   "When Forever Changed to Never" departs from the formula, though.  It is a bluesy tale of a breakup and the attempt to move on, is comparable to anything in Bleu's catalog: 

 But when forever changed to never
 And tomorrow just stopped
 And the house we saved for
 On the corner got bought
 But the family that lives there seems to be doing just fine
 I don't think they realize
 They're living my life.
If you live in the Midwest, or came of age in the nineties, or just enjoy a rockier version of the singer/songwriter style, this one is worth checking out.   More proof that a lot of good music goes under the radar these days.

Brian A. Smith
31 May 2006



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