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Lightning Strikes Twice
Artist: Label sampler
Label: Retroactive Records
Time: 21 tracks/76:37 min

Lightning Strikes Twice is an appropriate name for this sampler, as the music involves new and re-released songs from the catalog of various Christian Metal bands.  Newly remastered and/or rerecorded classics mix with some new recordings (sometimes of old material) from many of the great bands of that era.  This is the second chance for many of these niche bands to capitalize on their popularity (and letís face it, Christian Metal is very much a niche market).

The music is all top-notch, and at a bargain price it is hard to do anything other than heartily recommend this release, if and when you find it.  If any retailer has this bargain-priced sampler, and you have any love of 80ís metal, you will do well to buy this CD.  It is a great introduction to what Retroactive Records is doing, and you will be able to sample some of the music in order to decide what you would like to purchase.

Donít look for anything deeper than 1 song from many different releases, offered to tantalize you to buy the full albums.  However, the disc can certainly be enjoyed as is.

By Jonathan Nelson



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