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He Is (3 mixes)
Artist: Copyright featuring Song Williamson 
(Defected U.K., 12-inch single)
Ah, Gospel house music! Nothing like blessings to the Almighty sung soulfullly over the pounding of a four-on-the-floor bass drum program, is there? Compensating what looks to be a dearth of it in the U.S., Sam Holt and Gavin Face Mills, a.k.a. Copyright, and vocalist Song Williamson deliver with a tune to the Deliverer, "He Is."

Copyright's own Classic Mix finds Willianson abetted by a robust choral background and production that tends classic New Jersey soul house (Basement Boys, Frankie Knuckles) with slight techno edge. The duo's My Shelter Dub de-emphasizes the choral backing and puts to the fore more organic instrumental elements while adding some phasing, whooshing effects, too. Sounds like all of Williamson's original vocal take remains intact as well. 

The Ferrer & Sydenham Inc Vox Mix brings to mind late '80s Chicago house, ala'  Marshall Jefferson or Jamie Principle, and complements Williamson's vocals about as well as Copyright's own takes on the piece. 

From her spoken vamping, Williamson sounds to be an American transplant, and though she hasn't quite developed the sass and heart of house dabbling divas such as Candi Staton, Vernessa Mitchell, Ann Nesby and Dawn Tallman, girlfriend bodes an even fiercer attack next time. Lyrics, as the title indicates, speak of the Lord's multiple roles in the life of a believer and Williamson's reliance on him in times good and bad. If not quite gospel house heaven, "He Is" resides on the next cloud down.

If you're not within driving distance of a dance specialty record shop that can still get this, try or searching legal download sources. Worth it!
Jamie Lee Rake 


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