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Glorious Impossible
Artist: Various
Label: Springhill Worship
Time: 13 tracks/ 50:25

With the slogan "New Songs Today for the Church Tomorrow" new label Springhill Worship debuted with Songs from the Bennett House.  It was an album that mostly featured previously unknown young worship leaders doing original songs in a way that sounded fresh and new.  One album does not a label make so worship fans found themselves presented with Springhill Worship's second release The Rocks Will Cry Out, which was a solid release but not nearly as good as the first. The question with their third release, Glorious Impossible, is whether it will be more like the first release or the second.  It falls in the middle.  The biggest problem is that too many of the songs fall into that midtempo range which will lull the listener to sleep or at least boredom instead of a worshipful mindset.  Some of the tracks also become repetitive after a while.  

Thankfully, the project does feature some standout tracks including the opening track, "Children of God," the title track and "Glorious Impossible," both of which are performed by Carl Cartee;  as well as "Let Your Mercy Come." 

Springhill Worship finds themselves at a crossroads.  They are a young enough label that they have yet to define themselves and their sound and style.  They delivered a solid release with  Songs from the Bennett House but as with their second release, this album, Glorious Impossible, fails to stand out from other praise and worship releases. 

Burton Wray 



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