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Only for a Short While
Artist: Gareth Davies-Jones 
Label: Heading West Music
Length: 11/45:27


I had never heard of Gareth Davies-Jones until I received this disc.  After listening to this disc's politically commentary and unflinching critiques of those who would call themselves Christians without actually showing it, I now consider myself a fan.   Think Derek Webb.  Think Keith Green and Rich Mullins.  Think T-Bone Burnett and Bill Mallonee. 

Vocally, Jones is more difficult to compare at times every folk singer you've ever heard comes through, at others David Gray, Mark Knopfler, Chris Rice, and Derek Webb.   "Hard Reality" serves as a summary for the entire album Jones is bringing truth here, and forces the listener to face up to it, ignoring the uneasy feeling that comes along with brutal honesty. 

"Money Goes Round" poses questions about war, and its purpose, reminding us that "no one can serve two masters".   "On the Face of It" probes us to look past initial appearances, and to make sure we have the real picture of things.  

Only for a Short While caught me completely off guard.  I can only hope Gareth Davies-Jones achieves the same purpose with other listeners. 

Brian A. Smith  9/30/2006



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